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Works seamlessly with facebook messenger and comments

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver engaging digital and physical campaigns.


Works seamlessly

Works seamlessly with facebook messenger and comments. thezboy can reply your valuable customer query from messenger and comments section of your facebook business page.


Order & Delivery

Can take order from messenger and comments along with payment. integrate with Stripe, PayPal payment system. Support GetSwift for your automated dispatching. The GetSwift proprietary batching algorithm can automatically assign a driver according to Distance, Smart Batch, Availability, Current Load Capacity, Direction, Best Performing Driver and more!


Campaign Management

Push your offer or deal to users on demand. You can manage your campaign using facebook messenger push alert, sms and email.

Let's get you started

Chatbots are the next generation for any service or product. In the future, people are rarely going to visit websites. Instead they’ll check social media platform reviews and ratings before buying something, where they will also receive quick replies on comments or messages based on their pre-purchase questions.