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#thezboy Chatbots are the next generation for any service or product

Messaging has to be fast

This consumer shift is happening faster than the mobile disruption, because users are already equipped in hardware, and they are already spending time in messaging apps.


No programming required, Build a Facebook bot without coding

Most advanced features ever, and powerfull dashboard. Our AI understands, and answers user requests.

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Works seamlessly with facebook messenger and comments. Can take order from messenger and comments

Push your offer or deal to users on demand. integrate with Stripe, PayPal, bKash and all major payment system

Recognise variations on your trigger words/phrases

thezboy is your customer support bot

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Our starter free plan allows you unlimited messages and comments reply to the service with upto 100 customers

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The advanced plan allows you to upto 1000 customers with unlimited messages and comments reply also include premium support

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$0.63per month

after 1000 customers you will be charged $0.63/monthly per 100 customers

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“Whether you are a CMO trying to acquire a user base or increase conversion, or a VP of customer experience looking to improve customer care, you will reach and be reached by your customers on messaging apps.”
Saaqeb Nayeem
Founder & CEO